Workingman Homes

Stemming from the early farm and mining cottages of New Zealand, we have taken this functional design and modernised it to a passive house standard. Using raw materials that are durable in nature and timeless in aesthetic, the Workingman home provides a higher standard of living. 

Workingman Homes is a property development company constructing Passive Houses with a focus on refined functionality and organic durability.

Available on and off-grid around New Zealand. 

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“A house that is highly insulated, airtight and uses a heat recovery ventilation system in order to maintain air quality, a steady comfortable temperature and even humidity level year round with very low energy demand.”

– Passive house definition in our language


“The workingman is a strong character who protects, provides and shelters those he cares most about. Modest with integrity, he gets enjoyment from the little things in life. He is a man of quality over quantity. A man who is efficient with great craftsmanship, hardwearing and strong.”

– Company philosophy