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Focusing on functionality and organic durability, all materials are chosen to age well contrary to the artificial products used in today’s houses. The majority of materials and finishes are natural that produce zero or very low VOC’s. 

We want to achieve ultimate thermal comfort in a beautiful, functional environment where the traditional houses of New Zealand have failed.  


Our style, we would say, is essentialism.

There are no ornaments or standalone aesthetics. Everything takes its functioning form. The textures are there to cultivate interest instead. Blacks, whites and tonal greys are used to give the perfect natural blank canvas for owners to create their own contrasts. 


Passivhaus Criteria

Below is the main criteria for gaining passive house certification. We strive to achieve this on every site regardless of whether we are putting the house through the certification process or not. Factors such as orientation, shading of nearby buildings and trees etc. all have an influence on achieving the passive house standard. Please note not all houses will be certified passive house due to cost of qualified external consultants. 


Rating Reports


Applying to the New Zealand Demographic

Occupancy rate per household in NZ is only 2.7 which is why we have decided to offer mainly 3-bedroom homes.

Additionally, according to New Zealand Housing one in seven children suffer from asthma and poor housing conditions are a contributing factor. Our houses come with a standard filtered air ventilation system that maintain comfortable humidity levels and air quality.


Life Cycle Costing

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